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Electric OBILand
Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of Terms

Q: What do all these abbreviations mean?

A: You can see definitions to all the terms and mysterious letter combinations in our Glossary of Terms

Q: What shipping methods/pricing do you have available?

A: Our Shipping information screen (opens in new window) should give you everything you need to know.

Q:What is an OBI?

A: An OBI is a paper strip which is usually wrapped around the left corner of the LPs or the CDs. The purpose of the OBI is mainly for the translation of the title into Japanese and to give additional information on the product. See our OBILand? Section for more information about OBIs

Q: How are your records graded?

A: Records are strictly graded by cover first and then record. The various grading terms can be found in our Glossary Of Terms.

Q: What makes Japanese Pressings so special?

A: Regarding vinyl, the Japanese used very high quality virgin vinyl which produced audiophile results. The total packaging is superior and usually very limited. CDs and most LPs all come with OBI strips which make them unique.

Q: Why do the OBIs make it worth more?

A: OBIs tend to get easily thrown away, lost or damaged which makes an item incomplete in its original format. Therefore, any item that has the OBI has more collectible value.

Q: What makes Japanese pressings so collectible?

The main reason is the limited quantity that they press. Then comes the superior quality in mastering and the packaging. Another major factor is that they quickly go out of print and become extremely difficult to find.

Q: What does WLP stand for?

A: It stands for white label promo issued only on vinyl which can often add more value to the record. Other abbreviations can be found on our Glossary Of Terms.

Q: Why do Japanese vinyl sound so nice?

A: Probably the most critical point would be the quality of vinyl being used. The equipment and the monitoring also add to the sound. There are very few mistakes made due to the close inspection.

Q: Do they still press vinyl in Japan?

A: Yes, they still have the facilities as most countries still do. Vinyl has a long history and is indestructible if treated with care.

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